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They sell all their possessions. The day before they are to leave, Nazi Germany invades Poland. They are trapped.. The report said on May 17, Minnich sent an email to Karyn Clark, the director of the Department of Public Health in Worcester, which provides health inspectional services to West Boylston. The email read, “Karyn, I hope that all is well with you. I am alerting all of our businesses today that this ‘shut down’ is unconstitutional and illegal and that the PD will not enforce any actions by the B of H and furthermore that they should advise the ‘agents’ of the B of H to leave the premises immediately..

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Tyler planned to attend but woke up feeling ill. With the restaurant industry in shambles, he said he can’t imagine how he will be able to pay past due rent. Tyler still hasn’t received unemployment benefits, and said his landlord is pushing him to sign a repayment agreement that would require rent sooner if he receives government aid..

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